February 20, 2018

Video Marketing Guide

The Short Guide to Video Marketing: How Does the Magic Happen?

The process of creation is always interesting from many perspectives and it’s amazing how sometimes we have no idea about some things. When you think video marketing, it’s highly likely you’re thinking camera and shooting. But there are so much more to this, which allows you to apply yourself to the fullest. Let’s dive into the process the see how is the perfect content born from a desire and an idea.

7 Most Important Steps of Video Marketing

  1. Evaluating the idea and forming a vision of it.
    The first thing that starts the whole process is the evaluation of the idea in general. There are some things and project not worth even trying, but some have a pretty good chance to fly later. Forming a vision means researching the product and understanding the target audience and why the thing is needed on the market.
  2. Create a “hook” in the very beginning.
    Just like with the writing, a hooking sentence that will strike the viewer and make him or her interested in the thing is good to have. This attention getter will make sure people won’t simply turn off the ad.
  3. Choose a format of the video.
    You need to see it before you actually start shooting the thing. Is it going to be the story of a person who got it? Those are actually quite good and touchy and make people trust the product and the person in it. Are you going to list the facts of the item? Those are less effective, because they don’t create enough of the emotional response.
  4. Decide on its length.
    The video can’t be too long, but making it too short isn’t good too. Actually, deciding on the length can be quite problematic and it matters a lot.
  5. Add details to boost the desire to do something.
    The ad has to stimulate the action and make you jump up and go rush to get the item. It’s the ideal option, of course. It’s quite hard to get that result in practice, but you’ll need to contemplate what can possibly create it and try to incorporate it into the video.
  6. Do the shooting part.
    This one sounds simple enough after all of the thinking and idea generating, but can take plenty of time. It’s unpredictable how many tries you’ll need to get the right version, good light, etc. And the cutting and editing process that comes later takes time too.
  7. Incorporate the video into the marketing plan.
    You can’t just have a video ad and end your marketing campaign with it if you want the product to sell well. So you’ll need to add the thing into the full campaign and organize all of the details there.

Outperforming the Competitors

You can’t run a marketing strategy without actually looking at your competitors. When you have the similar products and you need yours to survive, you’ll need to make sure you’re doing something different from them. Look at what they’re focusing on and change the way you do your campaign. Be different and experiment enough.

Keep in mind the task you have and the importance of it and remind yourself of those things all the time. It’s crucial to check the data too since it’s the only tool showing you how well you do the job and what your next task should be. If you do the whole thing correctly, keeping the competition in mind, you’ll get the result you need soon enough.


The process can seem quite long and tough, but in the end it demands a lot of creativity and makes you feel good about yourself. Seeing the final version of the product, and then hearing about it on the streets is even better. It’s good to understand that you’re a part of the something much greater.

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