February 20, 2018

About Me


My name is Patrick and I’m an owner of this website. Glad to see you here!

As you might have guessed, I specialize in video marketing and I am always ready to assist you and your business. When it comes to marketing, there is a need to make sure the consumer will trust your product and will be eager to get in when he or she sees it on the shelf. This eagerness and making people trust your items is what I make happen.

I love the thing I do and treat each of my clients especially. It’s also because each case is really different from others, and you can’t use the same tools, the same solutions and fix all of them in the same way. This demands a high skill of creativity and problem solving, which according to my vast experience in many spheres, I possess.

I work as a freelancer, which allows me to be much more independent and have the freedom of action, not depending on the company. But it’s also to work from home and the studio I personally prefer. This also allows me to set my own prices and be quite flexible with those, depending on the task. Although I’m located in sunny San Diego, I am available to travel to you as well.

I’ve worked with many products, all targeting various audiences, but I can’t remember any failed case or something I couldn’t do. If you need my services, please know that I’m always ready to answer your questions and discuss the details. Also, if you have any doubts about the pricing or the sphere of your product, you’re welcome to discuss those with me and we could go from there. I think that we can make your product famous together and we can make your business grow! I’m always willing to see how new companies and new businesses appear and grow into something big and stable, and I’m ready to assist it! To contact me click here!

Hope you have a good day!

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